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Re: Bug#118914: emacs21: Home and End key do not work as before.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Bug#118914: emacs21: Home and End key do not work as before.
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 15:29:59 -0500

> > > Are we sure there will be no conflicts, i.e. that some sequence
> > > produced by C-<home> on some terminal stands for something else on
> > > another?
> > I said "as long as they don't conflict".
> You said ``as long as the sequences are different on the various
> terminals'', and I didn't understand that meant no conflicts.  I
> thought you meant that all the sequences produced by C-<home> on
> different terminals don't conflict, but I'm worried about possible
> conflicts with sequences produced by other keys as well.

Yeah, I just rechecked and indeed my wording was not very precise.

> Is it reasonable to hope there will be no conflicts, given such a
> wide variety of possible sequences?

The idea is to provide a "default" function-key-map with all
the bindings that tend be missing (i.e. not always provided
by the terminfo database).
Obviously, this map can only map a given sequence to a single
key, so if there is a conflict we'll have to either not
put the sequence in or pick one of the conflicting.

As long as the sequences do not perturb normal editing,
it doesn't hurt to have more sequences then your terminal can emit.


PS: But under X having `ESC ] 1 ~' in function-key-map is undesirable
    because having any binding under ESC in the function-key-map
    is undesirable (see the C-c ESC ESC ESC ESC ESC... thread
    a while back with Ilya).

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