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Re: [smtpmail.el] Encoding problem in smtpmail-send-queued-mail

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: [smtpmail.el] Encoding problem in smtpmail-send-queued-mail
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 14:43:53 +0100
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"Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> writes:

>> From: Jesper Harder <address@hidden>
>> Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 01:46:46 +0100
>> When I use these settings:
>>      (setq message-send-mail-function 'smtpmail-send-it)
>>      (setq smtpmail-queue-mail t)
>> for sending mail with Gnus, every 8bit character in the mail is
>> preceded by a \201 when the mail is sent.  When I set
>> `smtpmail-queue-mail' to nil, the error doesn't occur.
>> Making `smtpmail-send-queued-mail' open the file with the queued mail
>> literally fixes the problem for me:
> Thank you for your report.
> However, it's not clear to me that this is the right solution.  It
> could solve the problem in your specific case, due to the specific
> character set (Latin-1, as evidenced by the \201) you used in the
> messages which served as a test case for the change you propose, but
> it might not work correctly for other character sets.
> To decide what is the right thing to do, it is necessary to know how
> (with what encoding) was the queued mail file written.  Looking at
> smtpmail.el, it sounds like it uses the normal code conversions, in
> which case the old code seems correct.  Perhaps the interaction with
> Gnus changes something?
> Could you please look in the queued mail files and see how are they
> encoded on disk?  You could use the `od' utility for that.

I did not see the original mail (not on my news server nor on
groups.google.com), but I wonder which MUA was used to generate the
mail in the first place?  Was it MIME aware?

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