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don't quiz me when I want a fresh dired-by-date

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: don't quiz me when I want a fresh dired-by-date
Date: 04 Jan 2002 06:16:11 +0800
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In dired, it would seem an unfortunate design decision to have s [a
toggle] as the main way to get dired-by-date, then g to maintain it.
This way when the user thinks "I want dired by date! and a fresh one
too!" he must first check the modeline to see if he is already in
dired by date mode, and if so, hit g, and if not, hit s.  As the user
is perhaps old and gray, he does not enjoy being quizzed suchly.

Therefore two additional one-touch simple bindings should be provided to:
1. "give me a fresh dired-by-name, no if's and's or but's".
2. "give me a fresh dired-by-date, no if's and's or but's".

Of course someone may suggest a home remedy thinking it is my
particular problem, however, my suggestion is for the grater good.  As
my testing facilities* are limited, I hope to see the fix in the next
emacs, rather than a patch, [or worst of all, a function advice for
personal use only] e-mailed to me.

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