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mimbuffer plays hard to get with shell command output

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: mimbuffer plays hard to get with shell command output
Date: 04 Jan 2002 05:48:35 +0800
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Hurmf.  I the past when a shell command like ! in dired produced
multi-line output, it would crack open the shell-command-output window
in the bottom half of the window, and we would switch to it with a C-x o.

Nowadays what happens is it puts the multi-line output in the
minbuffer, and when we attempt to switch to it with C-x o, to say
snarf up some text, it goes "nya nya, can't catch me" and runs away
even before we type the o.  Then we have to dig it out of the buffer
list, etc.

Help for !: "If there is output, it goes to a separate buffer."
That line may need revising.

Help for M-!:
"If the output is short enough to display in the echo area (which is
determined by the variables `resize-mini-windows' and
`max-mini-window-height'), it is shown there, but it is nonetheless
available in buffer `*Shell Command Output*' even though that buffer
is not automatically displayed.  If there is no output, or if output
is inserted in the current buffer, then `*Shell Command Output*' is

OK, but say I want the new minibuffer behaviour most of the time, but
I want *Shell Command Output* to come up like before, covering half
the screen or whatever... I don't suppose this is separately controllable.

Or maybe just don't play so hard to get when I use C-x o to move to
something I see on the bottom of the screen.

Also, do C-x 2.  See how the modeline bar is the same color for each
modeline?  Well, how about some visual warning too that "no, that
bottommost modeline bar is different, you can't just expect to jump
across it in every circumstance with C-x o like you can with the
others."  I'm talking about a permanent orange tinge to the very
bottom pixels in it or something.
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