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Re: Bug Report (Feature request?) etags (GNU Emacs 21.1)

From: Sven Utcke
Subject: Re: Bug Report (Feature request?) etags (GNU Emacs 21.1)
Date: 18 Feb 2002 17:40:01 +0100

address@hidden (Kim F. Storm) writes:

> address@hidden (Sven Utcke) writes:
> > > However, if the original source file is not available, it would not
> > > make sense to do so.  
> > 
> > But, as you point out below, in that case you would also get into all
> > kinds of trouble trying to debug the thing, and the user should then
> > really remove the #line directives (which, of course, is easily done
> > using grep -v).
> Suppose I get a source package Z from you in which there is a file
> xyz.c which is generated from some file xyz.dum which is NOT
> included in the package.

You wouldn't --- you would either receive the xyz.dum too, or, more
likely, you would receive a nicely reformatted version of yxz.c devoid
of #line directives (keep in mind that the xyz.c is basically
unreadable in it's original form.  Believe me, you do _not_ want to
edit that!).

> Now, what should etags do with the #line directives in xyz.c ?

Well, I believe it should still obey the #line directive (just as the

> Alternatively, etags could put dual references into TAGS -- one for
> the .c file and one for the .dum file, at least that would give me
> a chance to find both  [in some cases, looking at the generated code
> is necessary].

That, as Eli suggested too, might be the best way to handle this

> But I guess that if we have a command line option to control this,
> then everybody will be happy!

One could then use the switch to determine which reference will be
placed first, and which second...

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