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Re: emacs' TAB completions slower than bash's?

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: emacs' TAB completions slower than bash's?
Date: 22 Mar 2002 02:09:52 +0800
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>> OK, load up emacs with 20 different buffers, do C-x b TAB
>> The first time one does this, it seems mighty slow.  If one does it
>> again, it is real fast.  Processor: P166.
>> Ok, now in bash
>> $ bla bla /dev/ttySR<TAB>
>> Display all 512 possibilities? (y or n) y

Eli> Please compare the Bash completion with "C-x C-f TAB", not "C-x b TAB".  
Eli> The latter doesn't work on files, but on buffers, so you are comparing 
Eli> apples with oranges.

I saying that emacs takes much longer to show me a list of 20 things than
bash does for 512 things.  I did not inquire about where those things
come from or are stored.  It would seem that asking emacs about things
in its memory [buffer names] should be faster than having to get
information [file names] from the disk.   However, it seems the
opposite is true.
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