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Re: `print' does not print

From: Ralf Fassel
Subject: Re: `print' does not print
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 20:17:01 +0100

* Eli Zaretskii
| No, I meant the "disassembly printchar" command typed at GDB's
| prompt.

There is something new to learn each day.  Those who know will be able
to make sense of this (appended at the end).  I can't see fwrite
anywhere in there, but then I donät see *anything* in there :-)

| Aha!  So this might be a buffering issue.  Does it help to keep
| fwrite, but put fflush right after it?

Nope (that was one of the first things I've tried and just check

| If you can try the CVS version, please do.

I'll check that over the weekend, downloading right now.


(gdb) br fwrite
Breakpoint 5 at 0xfa52f48: file engine.c, line 592.
(gdb) disassemble printchar
Dump of assembler code for function printchar:
0x10245448 <printchar>: addiu   sp,sp,-64
0x1024544c <printchar+4>:       sd      ra,16(sp)
0x10245450 <printchar+8>:       sw      a0,52(sp)
0x10245454 <printchar+12>:      sw      a1,60(sp)
0x10245458 <printchar+16>:      lw      at,-15748(gp)
0x1024545c <printchar+20>:      lw      at,0(at)
0x10245460 <printchar+24>:      lw      v0,60(sp)
0x10245464 <printchar+28>:      beq     at,v0,0x102454a8 <printchar+96>
0x10245468 <printchar+32>:      nop
0x1024546c <printchar+36>:      lw      v0,-15744(gp)
0x10245470 <printchar+40>:      lw      v0,0(v0)
0x10245474 <printchar+44>:      lw      v1,60(sp)
0x10245478 <printchar+48>:      beq     v0,v1,0x102454a8 <printchar+96>
0x1024547c <printchar+52>:      nop
0x10245480 <printchar+56>:      lw      a0,60(sp)
0x10245484 <printchar+60>:      lw      a1,52(sp)
0x10245488 <printchar+64>:      lui     a2,0xfff
0x1024548c <printchar+68>:      ori     a2,a2,0xffff
0x10245490 <printchar+72>:      and     a1,a1,a2
0x10245494 <printchar+76>:      lw      t9,-26324(gp)
0x10245498 <printchar+80>:      jal     0x102287c8 <call1>
0x1024549c <printchar+84>:      nop
0x102454a0 <printchar+88>:      b       0x10245718 <printchar+720>
0x102454a4 <printchar+92>:      nop
0x102454a8 <printchar+96>:      lw      a3,52(sp)
0x102454ac <printchar+100>:     sltiu   a3,a3,256
0x102454b0 <printchar+104>:     beqz    a3,0x10245524 <printchar+220>
0x102454b4 <printchar+108>:     nop
0x102454b8 <printchar+112>:     lw      t0,52(sp)
0x102454bc <printchar+116>:     sltiu   t0,t0,128
0x102454c0 <printchar+120>:     bnez    t0,0x102454d8 <printchar+144>
0x102454c4 <printchar+124>:     nop
0x102454c8 <printchar+128>:     lw      t1,52(sp)
0x102454cc <printchar+132>:     sltiu   t1,t1,160
0x102454d0 <printchar+136>:     bnez    t1,0x102454f0 <printchar+168>
0x102454d4 <printchar+140>:     nop
0x102454d8 <printchar+144>:     lw      t3,52(sp)
0x102454dc <printchar+148>:     sb      t3,0(sp)
0x102454e0 <printchar+152>:     li      t2,1
0x102454e4 <printchar+156>:     sd      t2,24(sp)
0x102454e8 <printchar+160>:     b       0x10245514 <printchar+204>
0x102454ec <printchar+164>:     nop
0x102454f0 <printchar+168>:     li      t6,158
0x102454f4 <printchar+172>:     sb      t6,0(sp)
0x102454f8 <printchar+176>:     lw      t5,52(sp)
0x102454fc <printchar+180>:     addiu   t5,t5,32
0x10245500 <printchar+184>:     andi    t5,t5,0xff
0x10245504 <printchar+188>:     sd      t5,32(sp)
0x10245508 <printchar+192>:     sb      t5,1(sp)
0x1024550c <printchar+196>:     li      t4,2
0x10245510 <printchar+200>:     sd      t4,24(sp)
0x10245514 <printchar+204>:     ld      t7,24(sp)
0x10245518 <printchar+208>:     sd      t7,40(sp)
0x1024551c <printchar+212>:     b       0x10245540 <printchar+248>
0x10245520 <printchar+216>:     nop
0x10245524 <printchar+220>:     lw      a0,52(sp)
0x10245528 <printchar+224>:     addiu   a1,sp,0
0x1024552c <printchar+228>:     lw      t9,-29916(gp)
0x10245530 <printchar+232>:     jal     0x100ac108 <char_to_string>
0x10245534 <printchar+236>:     nop
0x10245538 <printchar+240>:     move    t8,v0
0x1024553c <printchar+244>:     sd      t8,40(sp)
0x10245540 <printchar+248>:     ld      t9,40(sp)
0x10245544 <printchar+252>:     sw      t9,4(sp)
0x10245548 <printchar+256>:     lw      ra,-15748(gp)
0x1024554c <printchar+260>:     lw      ra,0(ra)
0x10245550 <printchar+264>:     lw      at,-15356(gp)
0x10245554 <printchar+268>:     lw      at,0(at)
0x10245558 <printchar+272>:     beq     ra,at,0x102455a4 <printchar+348>
0x1024555c <printchar+276>:     nop
0x10245560 <printchar+280>:     lw      at,-15748(gp)
0x10245564 <printchar+284>:     lw      at,0(at)
0x10245568 <printchar+288>:     lw      v0,-15360(gp)
0x1024556c <printchar+292>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x10245570 <printchar+296>:     bne     at,v0,0x102455a4 <printchar+348>
0x10245574 <printchar+300>:     nop
0x10245578 <printchar+304>:     lw      a1,-15748(gp)
0x1024557c <printchar+308>:     lw      a1,0(a1)
0x10245580 <printchar+312>:     lw      a2,-15356(gp)
0x10245584 <printchar+316>:     sw      a1,0(a2)
0x10245588 <printchar+320>:     lw      a0,-15708(gp)
0x1024558c <printchar+324>:     lw      a0,0(a0)
0x10245590 <printchar+328>:     lw      a1,-15748(gp)
0x10245594 <printchar+332>:     lw      a1,0(a1)
0x10245598 <printchar+336>:     lw      t9,-26380(gp)
0x1024559c <printchar+340>:     jal     0x10225250 <Fsignal>
0x102455a0 <printchar+344>:     nop
0x102455a4 <printchar+348>:     nop
0x102455a8 <printchar+352>:     lw      a2,-15748(gp)
0x102455ac <printchar+356>:     lw      a2,0(a2)
0x102455b0 <printchar+360>:     lw      a3,60(sp)
0x102455b4 <printchar+364>:     bne     a2,a3,0x10245678 <printchar+560>
0x102455b8 <printchar+368>:     nop
0x102455bc <printchar+372>:     lw      t0,-15120(gp)
0x102455c0 <printchar+376>:     lw      t0,0(t0)
0x102455c4 <printchar+380>:     lw      a3,-15112(gp)
0x102455c8 <printchar+384>:     lw      a3,0(a3)
0x102455cc <printchar+388>:     lw      t1,4(sp)
0x102455d0 <printchar+392>:     addu    a3,a3,t1
0x102455d4 <printchar+396>:     slt     a3,a3,t0
0x102455d8 <printchar+400>:     bnez    a3,0x1024561c <printchar+468>
0x102455dc <printchar+404>:     nop
0x102455e0 <printchar+408>:     lw      a1,-15120(gp)
0x102455e4 <printchar+412>:     lw      a1,0(a1)
0x102455e8 <printchar+416>:     addu    a1,a1,a1
0x102455ec <printchar+420>:     lw      a2,-15120(gp)
0x102455f0 <printchar+424>:     sw      a1,0(a2)
0x102455f4 <printchar+428>:     lw      a0,-15124(gp)
0x102455f8 <printchar+432>:     lw      a0,0(a0)
0x102455fc <printchar+436>:     lw      a1,-15120(gp)
0x10245600 <printchar+440>:     lw      a1,0(a1)
0x10245604 <printchar+444>:     lw      t9,-27156(gp)
0x10245608 <printchar+448>:     jal     0x101f8088 <xrealloc>
0x1024560c <printchar+452>:     nop
0x10245610 <printchar+456>:     sd      v0,32(sp)
0x10245614 <printchar+460>:     lw      a2,-15124(gp)
0x10245618 <printchar+464>:     sw      v0,0(a2)
0x1024561c <printchar+468>:     addiu   a0,sp,0
0x10245620 <printchar+472>:     lw      a1,-15112(gp)
0x10245624 <printchar+476>:     lw      a1,0(a1)
0x10245628 <printchar+480>:     lw      a2,-15124(gp)
0x1024562c <printchar+484>:     lw      a2,0(a2)
0x10245630 <printchar+488>:     addu    a1,a1,a2
0x10245634 <printchar+492>:     lw      a2,4(sp)
0x10245638 <printchar+496>:     lw      t9,-32328(gp)
0x1024563c <printchar+500>:     jalr    t9
0x10245640 <printchar+504>:     nop
0x10245644 <printchar+508>:     lw      a3,-15116(gp)
0x10245648 <printchar+512>:     lw      a3,0(a3)
0x1024564c <printchar+516>:     addiu   a3,a3,1
0x10245650 <printchar+520>:     lw      t0,-15116(gp)
0x10245654 <printchar+524>:     sw      a3,0(t0)
0x10245658 <printchar+528>:     lw      a2,-15112(gp)
0x1024565c <printchar+532>:     lw      a2,0(a2)
0x10245660 <printchar+536>:     lw      a3,4(sp)
0x10245664 <printchar+540>:     addu    a2,a2,a3
0x10245668 <printchar+544>:     lw      a3,-15112(gp)
0x1024566c <printchar+548>:     sw      a2,0(a3)
0x10245670 <printchar+552>:     b       0x10245718 <printchar+720>
0x10245674 <printchar+556>:     nop
0x10245678 <printchar+560>:     lw      t0,-17400(gp)
0x1024567c <printchar+564>:     lw      t0,0(t0)
0x10245680 <printchar+568>:     beqz    t0,0x102456bc <printchar+628>
0x10245684 <printchar+572>:     nop
0x10245688 <printchar+576>:     addiu   a0,sp,0
0x1024568c <printchar+580>:     li      a1,1
0x10245690 <printchar+584>:     lw      a2,4(sp)
0x10245694 <printchar+588>:     lw      a3,-32464(gp)
0x10245698 <printchar+592>:     addiu   a3,a3,16
0x1024569c <printchar+596>:     lw      t9,-32304(gp)
0x102456a0 <printchar+600>:     jalr    t9
0x102456a4 <printchar+604>:     nop
0x102456a8 <printchar+608>:     li      t0,1
0x102456ac <printchar+612>:     lw      t1,-19500(gp)
0x102456b0 <printchar+616>:     sw      t0,0(t1)
0x102456b4 <printchar+620>:     b       0x10245718 <printchar+720>
0x102456b8 <printchar+624>:     nop
0x102456bc <printchar+628>:     lw      t2,-15748(gp)
0x102456c0 <printchar+632>:     lw      t2,0(t2)
0x102456c4 <printchar+636>:     lw      t3,-16608(gp)
0x102456c8 <printchar+640>:     lw      t3,0(t3)
0x102456cc <printchar+644>:     lw      t3,348(t3)
0x102456d0 <printchar+648>:     xor     t2,t2,t3
0x102456d4 <printchar+652>:     sltu    t2,zero,t2
0x102456d8 <printchar+656>:     sw      t2,8(sp)
0x102456dc <printchar+660>:     lw      a0,8(sp)
0x102456e0 <printchar+664>:     lw      t9,-30296(gp)
0x102456e4 <printchar+668>:     jal     0x10075f38 
0x102456e8 <printchar+672>:     nop
0x102456ec <printchar+676>:     lw      a0,52(sp)
0x102456f0 <printchar+680>:     lw      t9,-27884(gp)
0x102456f4 <printchar+684>:     jal     0x101a4030 <insert_char>
0x102456f8 <printchar+688>:     nop
0x102456fc <printchar+692>:     addiu   a0,sp,0
0x10245700 <printchar+696>:     lw      a1,4(sp)
0x10245704 <printchar+700>:     move    a2,zero
0x10245708 <printchar+704>:     lw      a3,8(sp)
0x1024570c <printchar+708>:     lw      t9,-30336(gp)
0x10245710 <printchar+712>:     jal     0x10073250 <message_dolog>
0x10245714 <printchar+716>:     nop
0x10245718 <printchar+720>:     ld      ra,16(sp)
0x1024571c <printchar+724>:     addiu   sp,sp,64
0x10245720 <printchar+728>:     jr      ra
0x10245724 <printchar+732>:     nop
End of assembler dump.

(gdb) br fwrite
Breakpoint 2 at 0xfa52f48: file engine.c, line 592.
(gdb) disassemble printchar
Dump of assembler code for function printchar:
0x1024bfc0 <printchar>: addiu   sp,sp,-80
0x1024bfc4 <printchar+4>:       sd      ra,72(sp)
0x1024bfc8 <printchar+8>:       sd      s8,64(sp)
0x1024bfcc <printchar+12>:      sd      gp,56(sp)
0x1024bfd0 <printchar+16>:      sd      s0,48(sp)
0x1024bfd4 <printchar+20>:      move    s8,sp
0x1024bfd8 <printchar+24>:      lui     at,0x1f
0x1024bfdc <printchar+28>:      addiu   at,at,4248
0x1024bfe0 <printchar+32>:      daddu   gp,at,t9
0x1024bfe4 <printchar+36>:      sw      a0,16(s8)
0x1024bfe8 <printchar+40>:      sw      a1,20(s8)
0x1024bfec <printchar+44>:      lw      v0,20(s8)
0x1024bff0 <printchar+48>:      lw      v1,-19432(gp)
0x1024bff4 <printchar+52>:      lw      v1,0(v1)
0x1024bff8 <printchar+56>:      beq     v0,v1,0x1024c040 <printchar+128>
0x1024bffc <printchar+60>:      nop
0x1024c000 <printchar+64>:      lw      v0,20(s8)
0x1024c004 <printchar+68>:      lw      v1,-19372(gp)
0x1024c008 <printchar+72>:      lw      v1,0(v1)
0x1024c00c <printchar+76>:      beq     v0,v1,0x1024c040 <printchar+128>
0x1024c010 <printchar+80>:      nop
0x1024c014 <printchar+84>:      lw      v0,16(s8)
0x1024c018 <printchar+88>:      lui     v1,0xfff
0x1024c01c <printchar+92>:      ori     v1,v1,0xffff
0x1024c020 <printchar+96>:      and     v0,v0,v1
0x1024c024 <printchar+100>:     lw      a0,20(s8)
0x1024c028 <printchar+104>:     move    a1,v0
0x1024c02c <printchar+108>:     lw      t9,-26244(gp)
0x1024c030 <printchar+112>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c034 <printchar+116>:     nop
0x1024c038 <printchar+120>:     b       0x1024c2bc <printchar+764>
0x1024c03c <printchar+124>:     nop
0x1024c040 <printchar+128>:     lw      v0,16(s8)
0x1024c044 <printchar+132>:     sltiu   v1,v0,256
0x1024c048 <printchar+136>:     beqz    v1,0x1024c0ac <printchar+236>
0x1024c04c <printchar+140>:     nop
0x1024c050 <printchar+144>:     lw      v0,16(s8)
0x1024c054 <printchar+148>:     sltiu   v1,v0,128
0x1024c058 <printchar+152>:     bnez    v1,0x1024c078 <printchar+184>
0x1024c05c <printchar+156>:     nop
0x1024c060 <printchar+160>:     lw      v0,16(s8)
0x1024c064 <printchar+164>:     sltiu   v1,v0,160
0x1024c068 <printchar+168>:     beqz    v1,0x1024c078 <printchar+184>
0x1024c06c <printchar+172>:     nop
0x1024c070 <printchar+176>:     b       0x1024c08c <printchar+204>
0x1024c074 <printchar+180>:     nop
0x1024c078 <printchar+184>:     lbu     v0,19(s8)
0x1024c07c <printchar+188>:     sb      v0,24(s8)
0x1024c080 <printchar+192>:     li      s0,1
0x1024c084 <printchar+196>:     b       0x1024c0a4 <printchar+228>
0x1024c088 <printchar+200>:     nop
0x1024c08c <printchar+204>:     li      v0,158
0x1024c090 <printchar+208>:     sb      v0,24(s8)
0x1024c094 <printchar+212>:     lbu     v0,19(s8)
0x1024c098 <printchar+216>:     addiu   v1,v0,32
0x1024c09c <printchar+220>:     sb      v1,25(s8)
0x1024c0a0 <printchar+224>:     li      s0,2
0x1024c0a4 <printchar+228>:     b       0x1024c0c8 <printchar+264>
0x1024c0a8 <printchar+232>:     nop
0x1024c0ac <printchar+236>:     addiu   v0,s8,24
0x1024c0b0 <printchar+240>:     lw      a0,16(s8)
0x1024c0b4 <printchar+244>:     move    a1,v0
0x1024c0b8 <printchar+248>:     lw      t9,-29832(gp)
0x1024c0bc <printchar+252>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c0c0 <printchar+256>:     nop
0x1024c0c4 <printchar+260>:     move    s0,v0
0x1024c0c8 <printchar+264>:     sw      s0,32(s8)
0x1024c0cc <printchar+268>:     lw      v0,-18072(gp)
0x1024c0d0 <printchar+272>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c0d4 <printchar+276>:     lw      v1,-19432(gp)
0x1024c0d8 <printchar+280>:     lw      v1,0(v1)
0x1024c0dc <printchar+284>:     beq     v0,v1,0x1024c128 <printchar+360>
0x1024c0e0 <printchar+288>:     nop
0x1024c0e4 <printchar+292>:     lw      v0,-18084(gp)
0x1024c0e8 <printchar+296>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c0ec <printchar+300>:     lw      v1,-19432(gp)
0x1024c0f0 <printchar+304>:     lw      v1,0(v1)
0x1024c0f4 <printchar+308>:     bne     v0,v1,0x1024c128 <printchar+360>
0x1024c0f8 <printchar+312>:     nop
0x1024c0fc <printchar+316>:     lw      v0,-19432(gp)
0x1024c100 <printchar+320>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c104 <printchar+324>:     lw      at,-18072(gp)
0x1024c108 <printchar+328>:     sw      v0,0(at)
0x1024c10c <printchar+332>:     lw      a0,-18068(gp)
0x1024c110 <printchar+336>:     lw      a0,0(a0)
0x1024c114 <printchar+340>:     lw      a1,-19432(gp)
0x1024c118 <printchar+344>:     lw      a1,0(a1)
0x1024c11c <printchar+348>:     lw      t9,-26300(gp)
0x1024c120 <printchar+352>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c124 <printchar+356>:     nop
0x1024c128 <printchar+360>:     b       0x1024c138 <printchar+376>
0x1024c12c <printchar+364>:     nop
0x1024c130 <printchar+368>:     b       0x1024c0cc <printchar+268>
0x1024c134 <printchar+372>:     nop
0x1024c138 <printchar+376>:     lw      v0,20(s8)
0x1024c13c <printchar+380>:     lw      v1,-19432(gp)
0x1024c140 <printchar+384>:     lw      v1,0(v1)
0x1024c144 <printchar+388>:     bne     v0,v1,0x1024c210 <printchar+592>
0x1024c148 <printchar+392>:     nop
0x1024c14c <printchar+396>:     lw      v0,-14792(gp)
0x1024c150 <printchar+400>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c154 <printchar+404>:     lw      v1,32(s8)
0x1024c158 <printchar+408>:     addu    v0,v0,v1
0x1024c15c <printchar+412>:     lw      v1,-14824(gp)
0x1024c160 <printchar+416>:     lw      v1,0(v1)
0x1024c164 <printchar+420>:     slt     v0,v0,v1
0x1024c168 <printchar+424>:     bnez    v0,0x1024c1ac <printchar+492>
0x1024c16c <printchar+428>:     nop
0x1024c170 <printchar+432>:     lw      v0,-14824(gp)
0x1024c174 <printchar+436>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c178 <printchar+440>:     move    v1,v0
0x1024c17c <printchar+444>:     sll     a0,v1,0x1
0x1024c180 <printchar+448>:     move    v0,a0
0x1024c184 <printchar+452>:     lw      at,-14824(gp)
0x1024c188 <printchar+456>:     sw      v0,0(at)
0x1024c18c <printchar+460>:     lw      a0,-14744(gp)
0x1024c190 <printchar+464>:     lw      a0,0(a0)
0x1024c194 <printchar+468>:     move    a1,v0
0x1024c198 <printchar+472>:     lw      t9,-27076(gp)
0x1024c19c <printchar+476>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c1a0 <printchar+480>:     nop
0x1024c1a4 <printchar+484>:     lw      at,-14744(gp)
0x1024c1a8 <printchar+488>:     sw      v0,0(at)
0x1024c1ac <printchar+492>:     addiu   v0,s8,24
0x1024c1b0 <printchar+496>:     lw      v1,-14744(gp)
0x1024c1b4 <printchar+500>:     lw      v1,0(v1)
0x1024c1b8 <printchar+504>:     lw      a0,-14792(gp)
0x1024c1bc <printchar+508>:     lw      a0,0(a0)
0x1024c1c0 <printchar+512>:     addu    v1,v1,a0
0x1024c1c4 <printchar+516>:     move    a0,v0
0x1024c1c8 <printchar+520>:     move    a1,v1
0x1024c1cc <printchar+524>:     lw      a2,32(s8)
0x1024c1d0 <printchar+528>:     lw      t9,-31396(gp)
0x1024c1d4 <printchar+532>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c1d8 <printchar+536>:     nop
0x1024c1dc <printchar+540>:     lw      v0,-14764(gp)
0x1024c1e0 <printchar+544>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c1e4 <printchar+548>:     addiu   v1,v0,1
0x1024c1e8 <printchar+552>:     lw      at,-14764(gp)
0x1024c1ec <printchar+556>:     sw      v1,0(at)
0x1024c1f0 <printchar+560>:     lw      v0,-14792(gp)
0x1024c1f4 <printchar+564>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c1f8 <printchar+568>:     lw      v1,32(s8)
0x1024c1fc <printchar+572>:     addu    v0,v0,v1
0x1024c200 <printchar+576>:     lw      at,-14792(gp)
0x1024c204 <printchar+580>:     sw      v0,0(at)
0x1024c208 <printchar+584>:     b       0x1024c2bc <printchar+764>
0x1024c20c <printchar+588>:     nop
0x1024c210 <printchar+592>:     lw      v0,-19604(gp)
0x1024c214 <printchar+596>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c218 <printchar+600>:     beqz    v0,0x1024c25c <printchar+668>
0x1024c21c <printchar+604>:     nop
0x1024c220 <printchar+608>:     addiu   v0,s8,24
0x1024c224 <printchar+612>:     move    a0,v0
0x1024c228 <printchar+616>:     li      a1,1
0x1024c22c <printchar+620>:     lw      a2,32(s8)
0x1024c230 <printchar+624>:     lw      a3,-32524(gp)
0x1024c234 <printchar+628>:     daddiu  a3,a3,-9628
0x1024c238 <printchar+632>:     lw      a3,0(a3)
0x1024c23c <printchar+636>:     lw      t9,-31192(gp)
0x1024c240 <printchar+640>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c244 <printchar+644>:     nop
0x1024c248 <printchar+648>:     li      v0,1
0x1024c24c <printchar+652>:     lw      at,-18852(gp)
0x1024c250 <printchar+656>:     sw      v0,0(at)
0x1024c254 <printchar+660>:     b       0x1024c2bc <printchar+764>
0x1024c258 <printchar+664>:     nop
0x1024c25c <printchar+668>:     lw      v0,-19456(gp)
0x1024c260 <printchar+672>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c264 <printchar+676>:     lw      v1,348(v0)
0x1024c268 <printchar+680>:     lw      v0,-19432(gp)
0x1024c26c <printchar+684>:     lw      v0,0(v0)
0x1024c270 <printchar+688>:     xor     v1,v1,v0
0x1024c274 <printchar+692>:     sltu    v0,zero,v1
0x1024c278 <printchar+696>:     sw      v0,36(s8)
0x1024c27c <printchar+700>:     lw      a0,36(s8)
0x1024c280 <printchar+704>:     lw      t9,-30212(gp)
0x1024c284 <printchar+708>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c288 <printchar+712>:     nop
0x1024c28c <printchar+716>:     lw      a0,16(s8)
0x1024c290 <printchar+720>:     lw      t9,-27804(gp)
0x1024c294 <printchar+724>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c298 <printchar+728>:     nop
0x1024c29c <printchar+732>:     addiu   v0,s8,24
0x1024c2a0 <printchar+736>:     move    a0,v0
0x1024c2a4 <printchar+740>:     lw      a1,32(s8)
0x1024c2a8 <printchar+744>:     move    a2,zero
0x1024c2ac <printchar+748>:     lw      a3,36(s8)
0x1024c2b0 <printchar+752>:     lw      t9,-30252(gp)
0x1024c2b4 <printchar+756>:     jalr    t9
0x1024c2b8 <printchar+760>:     nop
0x1024c2bc <printchar+764>:     move    sp,s8
0x1024c2c0 <printchar+768>:     ld      ra,72(sp)
0x1024c2c4 <printchar+772>:     ld      s8,64(sp)
0x1024c2c8 <printchar+776>:     ld      gp,56(sp)
0x1024c2cc <printchar+780>:     ld      s0,48(sp)
0x1024c2d0 <printchar+784>:     addiu   sp,sp,80
0x1024c2d4 <printchar+788>:     jr      ra
0x1024c2d8 <printchar+792>:     nop
End of assembler dump.

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