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Re: Latin1 language environment breaks Cygwin shell buffer

From: Harald . Maier . BW
Subject: Re: Latin1 language environment breaks Cygwin shell buffer
Date: 06 Apr 2002 13:25:54 +0100
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>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Hanchrow <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>> "Harald" == Harald Maier BW <address@hidden> writes:
      Eric> $ : command not found

    Harald> ... set the LANG variable in the control panel / system
    Harald> dialog to "C".

  Eric> Interesting; it works for me too.  How did you think of that
  Eric> workaround?

First, it's an easy workaround. Second, I am not sure how much people
have problem with this issue. But as far as I know I have the problem
always with German Windows systems so other people may have problems
too. If I interpret your cygcheck correctly then you are using a
English version, so the problem seems to be a more common problem. I
reported this for some time but Eli did not believe my findings.
Personally I would add a entry to the etc/PROBLEMS file or to the
Emacs FAQ for Windows about that issue.


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