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Feature suggestion

From: Marius Nita
Subject: Feature suggestion
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:37:40 -0700
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I have a few thoughts on a possible Emacs feature. This might already exist,
but not to my knowledge.

I like the desktop feature very much, especially for my laptop, since I have
to shut it down a lot. However, I found that things can become fairly
cumbersome if I am working on several projects simultaneously. I usually close
the files for one project, and open the files for another. There is no quick
way to switch between projects. Keeping both projects open is also cumbersome.
I was thinking of a multiple desktop environment, where each desktop can be a
project. The desktops would have names, and you could load them, save them,
and discard them like the current desktop feature; only you would have
multiple ones, with different names. Maybe there could be a command line
option to load a certain desktop (emacs --load-desktop project1), and from
within emacs, you would call the desktop- functions with a name parameter.


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