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Re: Feature request: quiet keyboard-quit

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Re: Feature request: quiet keyboard-quit
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 18:04:32 +0200
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address@hidden (Kai writes:

>   [[ Mailed copy of news article posted to gnu.emacs.bug ]]

Yes, thanks for that. I do not read this group usually.

> address@hidden (Oliver Scholz) writes:
>> Whenever I hit `C-g' Emacs beeps or -- in my case -- flashes. I'd like
>> to turn this of -- not in all cases, but solely for `keyboard-quit'.
> Sometimes, you can also hit ESC ESC ESC to get a similar effect like
> C-g.  But ESC ESC ESC only works when Emacs is waiting for input,
> whereas C-g also interrupts Emacs while executing some Lisp code.
> Could this be a (partial) workaround?

Whee! But you don't suggest to bind `C-g' to `keyboard-escape-quit',
do you? The thought "Oh, oh, wrong command!" is bound to `C-g' on my
system. :-)

Actually there is no need for a _workaround_. The little flashes are
not _that_ annoying. At least they are less annoying than changing my

Thanks for the suggestion, anyway! I did not know that `ESC ESC ESC'
calls a different function than `C-g'. So at least I understand the
reason for the warning beep/flash that comes with `C-g':
`keyboard-quit' is the general "Stop this!"-command. There is no way
to distinguish between exiting command-input and stopping a running
function. The latter is considered to be some sort of an error. So I
admit that the flash/beep is a reasonable default.

But again: I know what I am doing when I hit `C-g'. So there is no
need to warn me, even if I, say, stop the loading of my .emacs with
it. The "Quit" in the echo area is enough for me.

It simply would be nice to customize this behaviour.


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