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debian installs with years old emacs as default

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: debian installs with years old emacs as default
Date: 30 May 2002 06:29:27 +0800
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>> I got debian woody and emacs is 20.7.  I thought debian was supposed
>> to real advanced or something, but why old emacs?

Chris> Um... install the emacs21 package instead of emacs20.  Problem solved.

1. The user pops in the debian install CD's, answers the questions
   e.g., in tasksel, and ends up with years old emacs.  Is this the
   case with all the other packages on debian, or just emacs?

2. I mean we read that even "RMS uses debian on his laptop" or
   something, so we would think that popping in those debian CD's
   would get us "in with the in club" in a hurry, and not some kind of
   historical state.  I mean what's the point of a "linux
   distribution" if one must need extra sensory perception to get any
   reasonably recent versions of software.  Yes, we are not as
   preceptive as you might think, we just answer what it says on
   install screens.

3. Therefore, make the default emacs to be installed for a new debian
   user the new one not the old one.
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