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Practical Ministry Innovations

From: Practical Ministry Innovations
Subject: Practical Ministry Innovations
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 102 16:27:04 EDT



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  July 04, 2002

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Marriott and Practical Ministry Innovations

PMI is proud to announce a totally unique offer from Marriott, the family hospitality company.  Unique properties, all over North America and the Caribbean, are offering very special terms for PMI groups to use these hotels and resorts.

This is Marriott's seventy-fifth year of providing the best in family hospitality.  Now with over 2,000 hotels and resorts, Marriott has unparalleled facilities to meet every  church's needs for meetings, retreats, and education.

Click Here, for the very best deals...

Click Here for more information about Marriott's first 75 years.

In Memory
Phil Mogle
- 1949-2002

Founder & Publisher, Practical Ministry Innovations

Devout Christian

Dedicated Husband

Father Extraordinary

Renaissance Man

Partner & Friend

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Free White Paper Explaining Today's Internet

Aristotle's Managing Editor, Arthur Esch,  has just finished a Third Quarter, 2002 white paper on the Internet.  Titled, Internet III - Real Business, New Profits; this white paper provides an executive summary of how the Internet is changing the American economy.

The findings of this paper will surprise you in their simplicity and provide a roadmap for you to improve communications with your community; improve operations; save money; and increase services.

Click here to request your copy of this white paper, free to PMI subscribers.

New Services for PMI Subscribers

PMI's new publisher, Fred DeLuca,  offers new services for churches.  These programs all provide services for members, while offering each church the ability to generate new funds.

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This issue valid July 04, 2002 - July 15, 2002.

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