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Re: each command's date of birth without looking in OONEWS

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: each command's date of birth without looking in OONEWS
Date: 27 Jul 2002 04:49:54 +0800
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>>>>> "A" == Alfred M Szmidt <address@hidden> writes:

A> Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:
>> OK, it is easy enough to see the source dired-x.el however the dates
>> of birth of each individual command have been thrown away, and all be
>> know is the date list at the top of the file...

A> And ChangeLog's do what job exactly?  C-x C-j has been bound to
A> dired-jump since dired-x got added to Emacs.

A> emacs/lisp/ChangeLog.4
A> 1994-01-15  Richard Stallman  (address@hidden)

A>         * dired-x.el: New file.

well, I don't see the guarantee of the granularity being able to track
each individual command's birthdate under this habit of record
keeping.  I mean how could one be sure buffer-disable-undo was a
Sagittarius and toggle-horizontal-scroll-bar wasn't an Aquarius?  Uh
oh, 5:00 and time for my medication.  Please excuse me.
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