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etags stops parsing after const method

From: Ron Romero
Subject: etags stops parsing after const method
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 10:29:50 -0500

After etags (with the --members flag) reaches a const method in a C++ class, it doesn't recognize any other members of that class (neither methods nor member variables).  For example, with the following simple class:
class foo
    int non_const_func1(void);
    int a;
    int const_func() const;
    int b;
    int non_const_func2(void);
etags generates tags for non_const_func1, a, and const_func, but not for b nor non_const_func2.  Moving const_func up or down in the class shows that it stops after processing a const method.  Interestingly, without the --members flag, const_func *is* included in the TAGS file --- even though it should *not* be included in this case.
Ron Romero

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