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emacs on MAC OS X 10.2

From: mark belloni
Subject: emacs on MAC OS X 10.2
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 20:02:54 -0500

C-x(  ; test card for email only...not part of below problem

bug-gnu-emacs: I am a powerbook G4 OS X 10.2 user and am brand new to GNU Emacs.

To customize GNU Emacs, I have tried to create a .emacs file which is bug free and operates on a terminal.app, without success.

What I would like to do is two fold.

1.) map the arrow keys to their respective GNU Emacs commands.
1a.) preserve the C-x 1 window setting; when butchering the attempt at
1.) the window gets split into 2. I tried to get a macro inserted into
        .emacs below but it does not work

2.) map the delete-backward-char command to the "delete" key. I could not so
     I chose to map to the "pipe" key instead.

Anyway, below is the butchered .emacs file so far, which needs attention.

Please advise.


(setq term-file-prefix nil)
(send-string-to-terminal "\e=")

(fset 'kbdmac                  ; macro to correct the split window

(define-key global-map "|" 'delete-backward-char)   ;delete key

(define-key global-map "ESC-O A" 'previous-line) ;activate up arrow key (define-key global-map "ESC-O B" 'next-line) ;activate down arrow key (define-key global-map "ESC-O C" 'forward-char) ;activate right arrow key (define-key global-map "ESC-O D" 'backward-char) ;activate left arrow key

C-x) ; end test card

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