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ange-ftp vs. $ftp_proxy

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: ange-ftp vs. $ftp_proxy
Date: 17 Jan 2003 03:04:24 +0800
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Gentlemen, the entire Emacs Info manual and ange-ftp.el do not mention
the word ftp_proxy.  Please mention how one can or cannot have
ange-ftp use this.

(getenv "ftp_proxy") for me gives "http://localhost:8080/";, i.e. wwwoffle.
So I tried things like
(setq ange-ftp-smart-gateway (getenv "ftp_proxy")), even
(setq ange-ftp-smart-gateway "localhost")
(setq ange-ftp-smart-gateway-port "8080")
but like sorry, no go.

Why not "modernize" ange-ftp to use the ftp_proxy env variable if it
finds it non empty?  e.g. would wget or lynx be so oblivious? No.
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