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view-read-only causes read-write

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: view-read-only causes read-write
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 09:59:22 +0800
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I did
$ emacs --no-site-file -q -nw -eval '
  (and(setq view-read-only t) (describe-variable (quote

1. Ok, the help buffer says View mode in the modeline, but how about
   turning on the -%%- marker in the modeline?

2. Hey, real view-mode doesn't let me eat text with C-k etc, and then
   you can't repair the damage with undo because no undo record is
   kept for that buffer.

3. OK, trying again without messing first with view-read-only
   gives what one expects.

   Do I smell someone toggling read-only once too much?

4. view-read-only's docstring: "*Non-nil means buffers visiting files
   read-only, do it in view mode." (P.S. I assume the "*" means
   "Chef's choice".)

   OK, but what about read-only buffers not visiting files? Obviously
   you are over affecting those and at the same time not mentioning them.

P.S. I am no lisp pro but above I had to use an "(and ...)" or else
only one sexp was used, without any warning to the user.

PSS, while we are here, let's examine this docstring:
  toggle-read-only is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `files'.
  (toggle-read-only &optional ARG)

  Change whether this buffer is visiting its file read-only.
  With arg, set read-only iff arg is positive.

Ok, but it doesn't say what will happen if you give it a non positive
arg.  One can't just assume "common sense".  E.g. me, any common sense
and I wouldn't be hanging around this pop stand.

  If visiting file read-only and `view-read-only' is non-nil, enter view mode.

Hold on a second. We came here to toggle-read-only and like wham, we
are sent into view mode. It's like I do "chmod -w file" and wham, "more
file" is invoked as a free bonus.  What if I am a batch job? Anyway,
docsting looks bad. Didn't check the code.
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