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Re: Frame resizing causes a crash

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: Frame resizing causes a crash
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:12:09 +0200
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"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:

>> address@hidden (Riku Saikkonen) writes:
>>> I reported the following bug here about a week ago, but haven't
>>> heard anything on it since. Could someone try to reproduce the
>>> bug, so that I know that it's not only my Emacsen that are at
>>> fault? In particular, it would be nice to know if the current CVS
>>> version has this bug...
>> Thank you for your report.  I used today's CVS (GTK toolkit) and
>> was able to reproduce the bugs you describe.  I'm not knowledgeable
>> on redisplay things, though.  So we just have to wait until one of
>> the redisplay hackers has time to work on this.
> I've added a new function to calculate window sizes when a frame
> shrinks.  There was a bug in that small windows at the top was
> resized to a negative value (that means delete this window).  The
> negative value is then used to calculate the position of the next
> window which is why there was confusion.  Also, when a window was
> deleted because it would be too small, the amount of resize needed
> was not distributed among the other windows, so the remaining
> windows where too big for the frame.  In this example, Emacs needed
> to shrink all windows 11 lines, but the smallest one atop was only
> 4.  So instead of shrinking 11*3 + 1 reminder = 34, we got 4 + 11*2
> + 1 reminder = 27.
> Anyway, the new implementation tries to keep the number of windows
> intact as long as possible, shrinking larger windows instead until
> we really need to delete a window.  Please try this version and see
> if it looks OK.  BTW, this is in CVS head only.

Your change fixes the problems that Riku Saikkonen describes.  Thanks.


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