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From: Nicolas M. Thiery
Subject: MuPACS
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 22:59:47 +0100
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        Dear emacs maintainers,

MuPACS (mupacs.sf.net) is an open-source MuPAD mode for the text
editor emacs, written by François Maltey, Olivier Ramare and myself.
Main features:
 - Syntax highlighting and automatic indentation of MuPAD code;
 - Running MuPAD in a buffer with full access to the documentation
   and debugger interaction.

I am not fully happy about its code, but mupacs is now used on a daily
basis by many users, and is fairly mature and stable.

MuPAD (www.mupad.de) is a computer algebra system which is (alas) not
free software. However, mupacs is now also used as a front-end for
running the free computer algebra system GIAC

I was wondering if it was possible to include mupacs in the standard
emacs distribution, as this would make life easier for our users, and
especially giac users.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Nicolas M. Thiéry "Isil" <address@hidden>

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