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Bug in clone-indirect-buffer and clone-indirect-buffer-other-window

From: Jay Bingham
Subject: Bug in clone-indirect-buffer and clone-indirect-buffer-other-window
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 20:52:02 GMT

I am running Emacs 21.1 on Win2K.

I believe that there are two discrepancies between what is stated on the 
indirect buffers node in info and the way the two functions 
clone-indirect-buffer and clone-indirect-buffer-other-window actually work.

In the info page on indirect buffers it states:

   A quick and handy way to make an indirect buffer is with the command
`M-x clone-indirect-buffer'.  It creates and selects an indirect buffer
whose base buffer is the current buffer.  With a numeric argument, it
prompts for the name of the indirect buffer; otherwise it defaults to
the name of the current buffer, modifying it by adding a `<N>' prefix
if required.  `C-x 4 c' (`clone-indirect-buffer-other-window') works
like `M-x clone-indirect-buffer', but it selects the cloned buffer in
another window.  These commands come in handy if you want to create new
`*info*' or `*Help*' buffers, for example.

The first discrepancy is that when these commands are executed the `<N>' is not 
prefixed to the buffer name it is suffixed to the buffer name, that is it comes 
after the name of the buffer not before it.  Either the info page is incorrect 
or the code is incorrect.

Personally, I would prefer to have some way to differentiate between buffers 
which contain different files with the same name and buffers that actually 
point to the same file without having to enter a name for the clone.  I also 
prefer the numeric indicator to follow the existing buffer name.  Realizing the 
the same function is likely used to generate the file names I am still willing 
to suggest that perhaps the `[N]' or `{N}' designators could be used to 
indicate a cloned buffer as opposed to an automatically generated file name.

The second discrepancy is: although the info page indicates that the only 
difference between clone-indirect-buffer and clone-indirect-buffer-other-window 
is that the latter selects the buffer in another window, I do not believe that 
this is the case.  The clone-indirect-buffer function accepts an argument and 
prompts for a name while the clone-indirect-buffer-other-window function 
ignores any numeric argument.
I would like to see the clone-indirect-buffer-other-window function accept an 
argument as well.


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