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Bug in the Emacs tutorial

From: Amir Livne Bar-On
Subject: Bug in the Emacs tutorial
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 11:06:28 +0300
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I hope that this is the proper address to send this kind of reports. If
not, please direct me to the relevant developers, or forward them this

In the Buffers section of the Tutorial, there are several examples of
changing buffers in one or two windows. The fifth try-it-yourself
instruction set in the section, regarding the *Messages* buffer, has a
typo, namely it suggest using C-b instead of C-x b to return to the
TUTORIAL buffer. In my Emacs session, this is on line 620.

This should be very simple to fix, but learning how to contribute to GNU
seems overkill for this bug report, so I would really appreciate if one
of you could fix it.


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