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Re: View-quit in *Help* restores wrong window when display-buffer-reuse-

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: View-quit in *Help* restores wrong window when display-buffer-reuse-frames is t
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 00:03:35 +0200
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>>(1) The one window one frame minimalist has `pop-up-frames' and
>>    `pop-up-windows' both and would like exiting view-mode to restore
>>    the window shown before.
> Seems to work fine (I assume there's a missing "nil" here).

Your assumption is correct (and I enjoyed reading it).

>>(2) The one window per frame type has `pop-up-frames' non-nil and
>>    `pop-up-windows' nil and expects view-mode to pop up a new or reuse
>>    an existing frame.
> Quitting view mode iconifies the frame, which seems odd to me. This issue?
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2007-07/msg00103.html

Yes.  Customizing `view-remove-frame-by-deleting' should cut that.  But
apparently most people don't know about that option (FWIW it's been in
view-mode ever since).

>>- Exit information should not get overwritten when following links,
>>  hitting backward/forward buttons and the like (including Nick's
>>  `help-xref-go-forward').
> Not sure what you mean. If you mean the "type foo to quit" message, it
> seems to disappear on scrolling, clicking a link, indeed any key
> press. That doesn't seem like a big problem to me though.

Badly formulated: I meant that the information view-mode maintains (in
`view-return-to-alist') in order to correctly exit a help window must
not get overwritten when the user clicks on a link or a button.  With
other words I have to make sure that quitting help doesn't get me to an
earlier (in history) help window.

>>- Something reasonable should be done when a user manually switches to a
>>  view-mode buffer and types `q' in that buffer.  Hard to get right for
>>  a type (2) user who intermittently displays some unrelated buffer in a
>>  view-mode window, manually switches back to the view-mode buffer, and
>>  types `q'.  What should I do here?  Kill the frame, display the other
>>  buffer and possibly lower the frame, iconify the frame, `bury-buffer',
>>  `quit-window', ...
> Probably not too important. I would guess either kill the frame, or
> display the other buffer, but it's not my use pattern.

Drew would probably disagree here.

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