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Re: <filename> changed on disk; really edit the buffer?

From: jonathangoldblatt
Subject: Re: <filename> changed on disk; really edit the buffer?
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 23:58:45 -0500

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

    Richard>       Maybe the solution is a new hook variable that
    Richard> defaults to the current auto-save function.

    Richard> I don't quite understand that.  What does it mean?

Sorry about screwing up the addressing on the first reply. 

What I meant was something like: 


List of functions to be run before auto-saving.
If one of them returns non-nil, then the file is considered to be
already auto-saved and the rest are not called.  

Then the user can do the auto-save any way that he wants.  

Sorry about the confusion; I didn't take the time to read the
auto-save documentation.

Also occurred to me that a possible use for auto-saving into the
current file is when you don't have enough permissions in the
current directory to create a new file.  

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