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RE: Documentation for ido-mode is not very enlightening

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Documentation for ido-mode is not very enlightening
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 13:34:37 -0800

> > Maybe the byte-compiler should preserve the Commentary, 
> > since some runtime code depends on it? ;-) 
> > Half-kidding. There's also a large variation in the amount 
> > and quality of Commentary doc. This feature is of only limited value.
> If by "this feature" you mean finder-commentary, I somewhat agree.
> But the feature to jump to the source code OTOH is very important to
> encourage people to contribute.

I agree.

I meant only that it is not an ideal substitute for doc in another form, and
that YMMV in terms of the helpfulness of a particular Commentary.

I also think that it's useful to put :link '(emacs-commentary-link LIBRARY)
in  defcustom's, defgroup's, and defface's. That's another way to give users
a way to get to the Commentary (it uses finder-commentary). And a developer
who takes the trouble of adding such a :link is likely to spend more time
trying to make the Commentary useful.

This is is why I was only half-kidding. Ideally, a runtime command such as
finder-commentary would have everything it needs, even from a byte-compiled
file. But I agree that a simple error message is probably TRT thing now, if
the source file is missing.

Another area for possible improvement might be some rudimentary Commentary
navigation and other commands (keys) in Finder mode. `finder-select' could
also be improved a bit perhaps. And we might even want to come up with some
guidelines for writing Commentary that would facilitate using Finder mode.

Not a high priority, but maybe something to think about in our spare time.
;-) It is definitely true that useful info is often in the source-code
Commentary. Ido mode is apparently one example.

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