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RE: bookmark structure

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bookmark structure
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 09:53:02 -0700

> > The doc string of bookmark-alist says each entry has this form:
> > (NAME
> >   (filename . FILE)
> >   (front-context-string . FRONT-STR)
> >   (rear-context-string  . REAR-STR)
> >   (position . POS)
> >   (info-node . POS)
> >   (annotation . ANNOTATION))
> That's already fixed in the trunk.

Still doesn't look right to me:

 "where each BOOKMARK is typically of the form

  (\(filename . FILE\)
   \(front-context-string . FRONT-STR\)
   \(rear-context-string  . REAR-STR\)
   \(position . POS\)
   \(annotation . ANNOTATION\)\))

 So the cdr of each bookmark is an alist too."

Aside from the unnecessary \'s (not a problem, but harder to read the code), the
last sentence is misleading (and unnecessary). The cdr of each bookmark is a
singleton list whose element is an alist.

And what I said about the code comment still holds:

> bookmark-name, string-in-front, string-behind, and the second
> occurrence of annotation here should be uppercase here.

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