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bug#21: Scrolling occasionally stops in *compilation*

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#21: Scrolling occasionally stops in *compilation*
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 06:28:32 -0700

> > I think this is the kind of thing Richard was trying to say 
> should not be sent
> > to the entire universe.
> >
> > This mail, like many others that are similar, means nothing 
> to me. I didn't file
> > this bug. I wasn't even aware of it. I'm still not aware of 
> it, by mail - except
> > for this cryptic message.
> >
> > Please try to focus the send list for this kind of thing.
> Any e-mail sent to address@hidden (where XYZ is the
> bug number) will be CC-ed to bug-gnu-emacs automatically.  This is
> what Stefan did.
> Stefan could have sent this e-mail privately, but then it would not be
> recorded as part of the bug report's log, which would be bad.
> It is good that e-mail sent to address@hidden is CC-ed
> to bug-gnu-emacs automatically.  Simply turning this off would be bad.
> There is no simple solution, although there may be a complicated one.

Good explanation. Unfortunate situation.

It took me a while, searching through all of the mail copies I kept, to see if
this wasn't perhaps a bug I had filed. There is nothing in Stefan's reply mail
to indicate who reported the bug or when it was reported - just an oblique
reference to "your problem". 

Not to mention that it is not enough to sort by Subject, since "Scrolling..."
collates differently from "bug#21: Scrolling...".

Anyway, the bug logging is a plus, even if it is still quite primitive.

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