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bug#388: which bug messages should be sent where? (was: Scrolling occasi

From: Joe Wells
Subject: bug#388: which bug messages should be sent where? (was: Scrolling occasionally stops in *compilation*)
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 20:14:04 +0100
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[ I am removing “bug#21” from the subject because it seems this
  triggers the bug tracker to add the message to the log for this bug
  in the bug tracker.  Can someone please post a description of the
  complete interface? ]

Richard M Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>     Any e-mail sent to address@hidden (where XYZ is the
>     bug number) will be CC-ed to bug-gnu-emacs automatically.  This is
>     what Stefan did.
> That is a pain in the neck for everyone on bug-gnu-emacs.
> It should be cc'd to emacs-bug-tracker instead.
>     It is good that e-mail sent to address@hidden is CC-ed
>     to bug-gnu-emacs automatically.  Simply turning this off would be bad.
> I don't see anything bad about it.
> Would you like to try to substantiate that statement?

The important question is:

  What is the purpose of the bug-gnu-emacs mailing list (and the
  gnu.emacs.bug newsgroup which is connected to the mailing list)?

It is very good that there is now a bug tracker for Emacs.

However, the existence of the bug tracker means the purpose of the
bug-gnu-emacs mailing list needs to be reassessed.

I believe the purpose of the bug-gnu-emacs mailing list should now be

  The bug-gnu-emacs mailing list is (1) where people can send bug
  reports and (2) where people who want to help can watch for bug
  reports and the discussion of bug reports.

>     There is no simple solution, although there may be a complicated
>     one.
> I've stated a simple solution above.

You could also solve the “problem” by unsubscribing from the mailing

Your “solution” would make it too difficult for people like me to
watch the discussion and contribute where we have useful knowledge to
share.  Your “solution” could make things easier for some people, but
it would also make it harder for other people to help in solving bugs.

I suggest that a long-term solution should be thought about more

I hope this message is helpful.


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