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bug#4118: 23.1; eval-last-sexp-print-value is inconvenient

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#4118: 23.1; eval-last-sexp-print-value is inconvenient
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 02:16:56 +0300
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>> Wrapping an (insert ...) around the expression is not as easy as
>> typing `C-u C-x C-e', copying the character and undoing the change
>> with C-/.
> ...and this is a good description for a solution: have it print out
> the extra information only on something like an explicit positive
> prefix argument (eg, C-u C-1 C-x C-e), and otherwise don't show it.

And then the number could mean the verbosity level, e.g. `C-1 C-x C-e'
prints octal and hex, and `C-2 C-x C-e' prints octal, hex and a character.

But I don't see how to insert different representations to the current
buffer instead of displaying them in the echo area since `C-u C-1 C-x C-e'
and `C-1 C-x C-e' have the same numeric argument `1'.

Juri Linkov

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