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bug#4134: 23.1; Buffer Tab not being linked properly

From: David Ronis
Subject: bug#4134: 23.1; Buffer Tab not being linked properly
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 21:51:59 -0400

I rebuilt emacs (with CFLAGS=-O2 and --disable-debug passed to
configure).  I get the same behavior.  

Just to be sure that we're talking about the same thing, I've attached a
screenshot of the emacs window (emacs -Q bug.f) after compiling.  Notice
that I'm in the compile part of the screen and that I've activated what
should be the compile menubar entry.  The menu is that of the fortran


On Thu, 2009-08-20 at 21:18 -0400, Glenn Morris wrote:
> David Ronis wrote:
> > 1. started 'emacs -Q model.f' as suggested.
> > 2. emacs sets the buffer mode to fortran and I have the usual "Fortran"
> > button in the menubar.
> > 3. compile the program using alt-x compile (then simply run make without
> > -k).  The window splits and I see the expected output of the
> > compilation.  
> >
> > If I set the focus to the *compile* buffer, the "Fortran" menubar button
> > changes to "Compile" (as it should); however, clicking on that button
> > gets the fortran menu, not the compile one.
> Sorry, but for me this works as it should.
> Are you somehow changing the focus when you go to select the menu bar?
> What happens if you put the compilation window above the Fortran window?
> > P.S., I've been using emacs for a long time, but where do you see
> > version 11?
> I was making fun of your CFLAGS setting. Does that really make any
> measurable difference to anything, or is it just one louder?

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