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bug#4308: 23.1.50; patch: fix `eshell-history-file-name'

From: Leo
Subject: bug#4308: 23.1.50; patch: fix `eshell-history-file-name'
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 20:49:59 +0100
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On 2009-09-01 20:32 +0100, Leo wrote:
> The attached small patch makes eshell-history-file-name more robust. For
> example, I accidentally set eshell-directory-name to ~/.emacs.d/shell
> without a trailing / and the history was written to
> ~/.emacs.d/shellhistory.

Please also fix the following places:

em-alias.el.gz:105:(defcustom eshell-aliases-file (concat eshell-directory-name 
em-dirs.el.gz:141:  (concat eshell-directory-name "lastdir")
em-script.el.gz:43:(defcustom eshell-login-script (concat eshell-directory-name 
em-script.el.gz:50:(defcustom eshell-rc-script (concat eshell-directory-name 

Thank you.

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