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bug#4363: 23.1.50; fullscreen (-mode) almost fullscreen

From: Ulrich Neumerkel
Subject: bug#4363: 23.1.50; fullscreen (-mode) almost fullscreen
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 19:48:56 +0200

>Well, it is dependent on the screen resolution, the font used and the theme 
>used for the scroll bar.  Also, border or not is a matter of taste.

The border and scrollbar thing is definitely not matter of taste, if
you go fullscreen.  You want to use the full screen...  So anything
that disturbes here makes using Emacs more difficult.

>> "\n" Maybe padding is better put to the top or both.
>This is hard work for little gain.

The difference between being directly usable or needing

>Qvwm probably don't support EWMH.  Programs like acroread use override 
>redirect to do fullscreen.  I am not willing to do that for Emacs, since if 
>anything goes wrong, you are stuck.

Qvwm on IGEL-X-Terminals is an old program indeed.  But there is no
option for upgrading.

Unfortunatly Emacs still needs "manual" customization going into
C-sources and guessing where those hints should be put.  That is not
everybody's turf.  I try to avoid that myself delaying upgrades by
years.  Last time I upgraded was 2002.  Everytime the relevant files
change a bit so it takes time to adjust.  I wonder how other people do

At least some "better defined" way as simply patching sources manually
would be nice.  Maybe there is no need to put Motif hints by default.
But it would be very helpful to avoid any customization that goes
beyond .emacs.el editing.

>I'm not sure F11 is a common key for fullscreen.  I'll have to investigate 
>that first.

Under Gnome, under Windows.  Pretty everywhere it's F11.  This is what
I use now for Gnome:

(global-set-key [f11] 'toggle-fullscreen)

(defun toggle-fullscreen ()
   ((cdr-safe (assoc 'fullscreen (frame-parameters)))
    (set-frame-parameter () 'fullscreen nil))
    (set-frame-parameter () 'fullscreen 'fullboth))))

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