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bug#6610: scrolling problem of emacs

From: Aeron.E. Wang
Subject: bug#6610: scrolling problem of emacs
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 23:34:44 -0400

When scrolling with mouse or C-v or M-v, the cursor is moving. This destroys the long highlights and selections etc. and it's confusing users. Most editors keep the cursor position fixed even when it's invisible.
I searched the web for a solution but there is none. Looked the code of emacs, looks vertical-motion also will move cursor when scrolling (not sure how about vmotion). I believe the next release of emacs should fix this. If there is any work-arounds please kindly let me know.
Please also let me know how to track the followup(s) of this "bug?" if any... I hope so!

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