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bug#7127: 23.2; M-x help throws an error

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#7127: 23.2; M-x help throws an error
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2010 22:57:20 -0400
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Ken Brown wrote:

> That's too bad.  I was hoping this would become someone else's problem.

Maybe it's some temporary thing that isn't specific to Cygwin, but
doesn't happen every time. Like I said, I have a vague memory of
something similar for the emacs-snapshot package. I think it was:


It's hard to see what could have changed between 23.1 and 23.2 to
cause this, nor why it should go away in 24.1.

>  In any case, it's easy enough to work around it.  I just
> won't do an out-of-tree build for my future releases of emacs-23 for
> Cygwin.  (The problem doesn't exist in emacs-24.)  And I'll go ahead
> and do a rebuild of 23.2 for the Cygwin distribution within the next
> few days.

Great, thank you.

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