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bug#7127: 23.2; M-x help throws an error

From: Ken Brown
Subject: bug#7127: 23.2; M-x help throws an error
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2010 09:57:01 -0400
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On 10/1/2010 10:57 PM, Glenn Morris wrote:
Ken Brown wrote:

That's too bad.  I was hoping this would become someone else's problem.

Maybe it's some temporary thing that isn't specific to Cygwin, but
doesn't happen every time. Like I said, I have a vague memory of
something similar for the emacs-snapshot package. I think it was:


It's hard to see what could have changed between 23.1 and 23.2 to
cause this, nor why it should go away in 24.1.

  In any case, it's easy enough to work around it.  I just
won't do an out-of-tree build for my future releases of emacs-23 for
Cygwin.  (The problem doesn't exist in emacs-24.)  And I'll go ahead
and do a rebuild of 23.2 for the Cygwin distribution within the next
few days.

Great, thank you.

Before I upload the new build, I want to make sure the problem really is fixed. M-x help works fine, but then I tried some of the other things that the OP mentioned, and I got the following results:

(symbol-function 'help-for-help-internal)
#[nil "\306\307\310!! \203\311\312\"\210\313\314!\315  \316 ;\317\211<=\317\211>?\320\321
\"\203<\322\323\324 \325\326O!\327\211
address@hidden"#\210 \203| B\337\317!)>\335C>\"\203s\335C>\">>\325H?\202\340??\340=\204\226?D=\204\226?E>\203$\341 <\342\343!\210\344\345!\203\267\346\347 !;=\204\267\346\347 !=\317<\317F\327G\350 \210
\351 \210 )eb\210?\352ED\353B\">\204\354?\242\354=\204\354>\355\232\203$\317\356\357\217\210\327 BH\337\360\361\362d!\203\363\202\364\"!\211>\325H?*?\365=\203\317\366\335 >\"\317>#\210\202\317\311\363!\210?<\203<?IBI\317\211<\202u\335 >\"\211J\203r<\203T\367<!\210\317<\370J!\210=\205t=\316 =\204k\371=!\210\317\211=\202t\372 ). \207" [line-prompt three-step-help help-screen local-map minor-mode-map-alist new-minor-mode-map-alist substitute-command-keys purecopy "Type a help option: [abcCdefFgiIkKlLmnprstvw.] C-[cdefmnoptw] or ?" message "%s" documentation ...] 7 1900136 nil]

(documentation #'help)
"Help command."

(documentation #'custom-declare-variable-early)

(documentation #'when)
"If COND yields non-nil, do BODY, else return nil.
When COND yields non-nil, eval BODY forms sequentially and return
value of last one, or nil if there are none.

(fn COND BODY...)"

Do these all look OK? (I'm worried about the first and third.) I get the same results in a build from the (emacs-24) trunk.


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