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bug#8121: Error in built-in tutorial?

From: Jon Exell
Subject: bug#8121: Error in built-in tutorial?
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 12:06:49 +0000
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So not really a bug per se, but still really annoyed me.
Lines 229 through 232 of the Emacs tutorial read:

229 >> Try typing C-u 8 C-v now.
231 This should have scrolled the screen up by 8 lines. If you would like
232    to scroll it down again, you can give an argument to M-v.

The behaviour of these commands is the exact opposite however; As mentioned earlier in the tutorial, C-v scrolls down and M-v up. Sorry if you consider this a complete waste of time. But I thought after 26 years the tutorial would have been nailed by now.

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