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bug#8121: Error in built-in tutorial?

From: Jon Exell
Subject: bug#8121: Error in built-in tutorial?
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 21:55:03 +0000
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Glenn Morris wrote:
Jon Exell wrote:

229>>  Try typing C-u 8 C-v now.
231    This should have scrolled the screen up by 8 lines.  If you would like
232    to scroll it down again, you can give an argument to M-v.

The behaviour of these commands is the exact opposite however; As
mentioned earlier in the tutorial, C-v scrolls down and M-v up.
C-h k C-v   ->     C-v runs the command scroll-up

C-h k M-v   ->     M-v runs the command scroll-down

"Scrolling up" moves text up the screen, which has the effect of
advancing you forwards through a document.

See "Scrolling" in the Emacs manual.

Thank you for the clarification, Glenn. Something still bothers me about this though.

As it is, "scrolled the screen" gives the impression of mobile screen moving over a static document, where scrolling down equates to advancing forward through the text.

If the instances of 'screen' in this section of the tutorial were changed to 'text' then this would match the definitions given in the manual and avoid any confusion. This section of the tutorial is the only place I have found that they are described this way (They are previously described as moving forward and backward by screenfuls, which is much less ambiguous).


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