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bug#8780: 24.0.50; Coding system and eol style auto-detection after open

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: bug#8780: 24.0.50; Coding system and eol style auto-detection after opening remote files
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 23:38:52 +0200

Hi Eli,

> I cannot reproduce this with yesterday's build of Emacs 24 on w32.  I
> tried fetching a remote file from a GNU/Linux machine -- it was
> displayed correctly and with the correct EOL mnemonic.  I then tried
> visiting several local files, and they all also displayed correctly.

I've just reproduced it at home, also with yesterday's build of Emacs
trunk on w32.  FWIW, here I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  I've just
done this:
 1. C-x C-f /address@hidden:/sites/ctan.org/README.uploads
 2. C-x C-f some-local-iso-latin-1-dos-file

I'm attaching a screenshot of the Emacs frame after #2, which shows
the two anomalies mentioned earlier.

At work I'm using a Windows XP box, where I also have the same problem.

> This is both using the default pscp method of accessing remote files
> and with the plink method.
> Are you using one of these Tramp methods?  If not, which method do you
> use?

Well, my knowledge of Tramp is quite limited.  I guess I'm using "ftp"
method, because it is the value of the variable
`tramp-default-method'.  Anyway, I've not tweaked anything in Emacs
nor Windows, FWIW.

If you need more data, just ask for it.


Dani Moncayo

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