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bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line

From: Karl Berry
Subject: bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 20:56:26 GMT

    This seems to have been resolved, so I'm closing this report.

1. As I reported originally, it still seems just basically wrong to me,
as a matter of implementation design, to use face for the mode line
whose name does not start with the prefix "mode-line".  But since
obviously you don't share my opinion, there's nothing more to say there.

2. I still wish there was a supported way to simply turn off all
colorization, fontification, whatever you want to call it, without
affecting functionality.  All those color changes are just a distraction
for me.  I just want black and white, the way Emacs was for many years.
But obviously again I'm the only dinosaur who feels like this, so I
guess again that's just the way it'll stay.

3. In any case, Juri's latest tidbit of additional information does do
the job to make my mode line entirely inverse video again, so fine, the
report can stay closed.  Life goes on.  (Thanks again Juri, I'd be
nowhere close to using e23 without you.)


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