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bug#9528: 24.0.50; Info navigation

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: bug#9528: 24.0.50; Info navigation
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 14:14:26 +0200

>> > It's not the implementation, it's part of documented behavior of DEL:
>> >
>> >  Scroll one screenful back in Info, considering all nodes as one
>> >  sequence                           ----------------------------
>> >  --------
>> As I see it, considering all nodes as one sequence, the node just
>> before "Macros" is "Related Topics", not "Functions".
> Not in depth-first-search order, it isn't.

In that order maybe not, but I think the intended order is not that,
but "sequential", as described in (info "(info)Help-^L"):

>    <SPC> and <DEL> not only move forward and backward through the
> current node.  They also move between nodes.  <SPC> at the end of a
> node moves to the next node; <DEL> (or <BACKSPACE>) at the beginning of
> a node moves to the previous node.  In effect, these commands scroll
> through all the nodes in an Info file as a single logical sequence.
> You can read an entire manual top to bottom by just typing <SPC>, and
> move backward through the entire manual from bottom to top by typing
> <DEL> (or <BACKSPACE>).
>    In this sequence, a node's subnodes appear following their parent.
> If a node has a menu, <SPC> takes you into the subnodes listed in the
> menu, one by one.  Once you reach the end of a node, and have seen all
> of its subnodes, <SPC> takes you to the next node or to the parent's
> next node.

According to that sequential order, as I said, the previous node of
"Macros" is "Retated Topics", not "Functions".

Dani Moncayo

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