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bug#9959: 24.0.90; `count-words' command from a narrowed buffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#9959: 24.0.90; `count-words' command from a narrowed buffer
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 08:51:15 -0800

> > Another possibility: Do as we do with `apropos' commands.  
> > We have both a prefix arg and a user option,
> > `apropos-do-all', that affect the behavior, with the less
> > complete, and faster, behavior as the default.
> Or

It's not an "or" - the two are orthogonal (except for key binding
choice/conflict).  I was talking about how much info is shown.  You're talking
about where the info is displayed.

The `apropos' approach is good because it lets users define a personal
preference that might be for seeing more info (=t), yet it also lets users
change the behavior on the fly using a prefix arg.

> do as we do with `what-cursor-position' (`C-x =') that 
> prints info in the echo area, but with prefix argument shows
> full details in *Help* buffer.

I don't see the output of even the full info as being something voluminous,
necessitating *Help*.  But perhaps you had something more in mind.  The info
we've discussed so far should be OK for the minibuffer.

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