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bug#10125: 24.0.91; package.el (org): Macros in tar packages & order of

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#10125: 24.0.91; package.el (org): Macros in tar packages & order of byte compilation
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 14:09:38 -0500
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Jambunathan K wrote:

> When compiling with package manager, the compilation happens from within
> a running Emacs session and very likely the "old" Org files are already
> loaded in to the runtime "inadvertently" by the user either by looking
> at the org agenda for the day or may be by just viewing an Org file or
> by the plain old (require 'org-whatever) out of habit in .emacs. 

There's your problem. The only way to reliably compile, especially
something where an old version might already be loaded, is to use a
fresh Emacs instance. There's no reason the "package manager" could not
spawn a separate Emacs in batch-mode as a sub-job to do the compilation.

cc-mode tries to have some voodoo to get around this, but please, please
don't go down that road.

I guess nobody ever expected the package manager to be used to load a
different version of something that was already in Emacs.

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