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bug#11985: 24.1; fit-window-to-buffer does not grab whole frame

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#11985: 24.1; fit-window-to-buffer does not grab whole frame
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 12:42:14 +0200

> Start emacs -Q. Visit a file larger than the current frame.
> Split the frame, Display other stuff in second window.
> Select the window with the large file.
> Eval
>   (fit-window-to-buffer (selected-window))
> Expected result: The window should grab the whole frame. From the
> docstring of fit-window-to-buffer
>   Optional argument MAX-HEIGHT specifies the maximum height of
>   WINDOW and defaults to the height of WINDOW's frame.
> Remarks:
> (1) This works as documented with GNU Emacs 23.1.
>     -- Of course, the old behavior was counterintuitive in the sense
>     that the name of fit-window-to-buffer refers to windows, not to
>     frames. But an incompatible change in behavior should be
>     documented.

From NEWS:

*** Window resizing functions.
A new standard function for resizing windows called `window-resize' has
been introduced.  This and all other functions for resizing windows no
longer delete any windows when they become too small.

> (2) I suggest that the elisp manual should also mention the default
>     values of MAX-HEIGHT and MIN-HEIGHT (as in the docstring).


> (3) The relation between the new arg OVERRIDE (not present in Emacs
>     23.1) and window-min-height and window-min-width is not clear to
>     me.

Neither to me.

> If MIN-HEIGHT is non-nil, shouldn't this already ignore
>     window-min-height?

Sounds reasonable, indeed.

> Also, if OVERRIDE is nil, what is the
>     relevance of window-min-width? I expect fit-window-to-buffer is
>     supposed to obey window-min-width. But it would clarify things
>     if this was spelled out.

`window-min-width' shouldn't be mentioned at all.

I'll look into this.  If you have any ideas what this function should
_do_ better, please tell me.


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