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bug#11985: 24.1; fit-window-to-buffer does not grab whole frame

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#11985: 24.1; fit-window-to-buffer does not grab whole frame
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 13:01:20 +0200

>> *** Window resizing functions.
>> A new standard function for resizing windows called `window-resize' has
>> been introduced.  This and all other functions for resizing windows no
>> longer delete any windows when they become too small.
> This is a bit buried if one simply searches for fit-window-to-buffer e.

It was a very invasive change mainly affecting `enlarge-window' which
was called by the old `fit-window-to-buffer' (note that calling
`fit-window-to-buffer' with Emacs 23.1 could delete WINDOW itself).  I
didn't go through all callers of enlarge-/shrink-buffer to check whether
they should be mentioned to.

> I got into this when I discovered that with Emacs 24.1
> Electric-pop-up-window does not behave anymore as expected. It uses
> fit-window-to-buffer for possibly grabbing the whole frame. In the
> context of what Electric-pop-up-window wants to achieve this is a
> reasonable and documented behavior.
> Possibly there is more code that relies on the old behavior.
> But I agree that it is probably cleaner if functions such as
> Electric-pop-up-window implement this old aspect of
> fit-window-to-buffer in some other way.

I have no strong opinion on this and never managed to understand how the
old window resize routines worked.  What about the version I attached?
If necessary, I can get more aggressive ;-)


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