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bug#11983: 24.1; Electric-command-loop broken?

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: bug#11983: 24.1; Electric-command-loop broken?
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 07:38:12 -0500

On Fri Jul 20 2012 Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > I do not know much about recursive-edit. How would you use it as a
> > replacement for the above to be sure that after leaving
> > recursive-edit cleanup-form is always executed?
>     (unwind-protect
>         (recursive-edit)
>       (cleanup-form))

Ah, thanks, that's indeed not more complicated either.

> The issue is not that the buffer is not reset when you return from
> electric-buffer-list, but that during electric-buffer-list if you select
> some other window you do not exit electric-buffer-list and the keys end
> up behaving weird (e.g. typing "c" in a normal buffer will insert "c"
> and then move to EOB or something like that).  Once you exit from
> electric-buffer-list, things are back to normal.

In BBDB this issue has been address by making relevant commands
electric: any command that is intended to quit the electric command
loop (in the context of electric-buffer-list this could mean: you
select another buffer to work with) will throw 'return-tag. Then you
can continue normally.

Of course, this means: the code needs to provide electric versions
of all relevant commands. If the user still decides to do something
else, the result is undefined.

> What I'm saying is that it's tricky to use Electric-command-loop without
> introducing bugs because Electric-command-loop presumes that all
> operations will stay within the current buffer, but it does not (help
> to) try to enforce it.  So it's a poor API.

I do not disagree here. I got into all this business because the
Electric-command-loop has been present in old versions of BBDB. But
I would not miss it, if it disappeared. (I do not even know whether
any other BBDB user would miss it. I'll ask on the BBDB mailing


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