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bug#13908: Unable to compile Emacs 24.3 stable

From: James Jong
Subject: bug#13908: Unable to compile Emacs 24.3 stable
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 16:15:18 -0400

Thanks Paul. You are totally right. I had an environment variable C_INCLUDE_PATH in my .zshrc init file that included GNU readline http://cnswww.cns.cwru.edu/php/chet/readline/rltop.html, and that  apparently was confusing the building process.

So I unset C_INCLUDE_PATH and after that, I was able to build Emacs 24.3 stable release properly with the system's installation of gcc:
 ./configure CC=/usr/bin/gcc --without-gif --prefix=/home/avazquez/raid/opt/emacs/releases/emacs-24.3
make install

I have now tried to build Emacs with a newer version of gcc such as 4.7.2 with no luck:


> ./configure --without-gif --prefix=/home/james/raid/opt/emacs/releases/emacs-24.3
> make

I get multiple definition errors (see the error in my make.log and the output of ./configure in my config.log). Any thoughts why?



On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 12:51 AM, Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
Looking at the dispnew.ii you posted at <http://bugs.gnu.org/13908#38>
the problem is here:

  # 1 "/d4m/vid/bin/utils/readline-6.2/config.h" 1 3
  # 14 "/d4m/vid/bin/utils/readline-6.2/config.h" 3
  #define RETSIGTYPE void

I.e., the compiler is including the wrong config.h file.
Can you investigate why that might be?  Looking at the
make.log you posted earlier, it said:

/usr/bin/gcc -std=gnu99 -c  -Demacs  -I. -I/home/james/raid/opt/emacs/releases/src/emacs-24.3/src ... dispnew.c

which should be including the config.h in ".", i.e., in the source
directory.  But evidently it's not doing that, and we need to figure
out why.  This easily explains the rest of the failures.

Evidently there is a config.h since you sent it to me.
Is it in the proper directory?  What are its permissions?
What is the output of "make CFLAGS=-v"?

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