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bug#14021: Activation of both Semantic and EDE disables their common sub

From: Nikita Zlobin
Subject: bug#14021: Activation of both Semantic and EDE disables their common submenu in main emacs menu, leaving it available only in visible menu bar
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 19:37:36 +0600

This bug happened for me in two places: in tmm menu, opened by command
tmm-menu (no matter, is menubar enabled or not), and its popup variant,
which may be opened by C-Mouse3 if menubar is disabled.

When only one of these two modes is enabled (either semantic or EDE),
menu is available, but after activation of remaining one submenu turns
to inactive usual menu item. But disabling of one mode, makes submenu
available again in both places.

emacs - 23.4 (built menually, since in repo i had only 23.3), 24.2.1
and snapshot for debian from cassou personal package archive on
cedet - both builtin (own for each emacs version) and snapshot from bzr.

Already discussed this on cedet-devel mailing list, discussion is
under link below, where screenshots are available:

Note, only first two posts are valuable for moment of this report. To
be brief in that discussion — i referred to popup menu, i'm talking
about, as "Global Menu" . Strange, how it may be wrong, when looking to
screenshots makes it fully clear.

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