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bug#14021: Activation of both Semantic and EDE disables their common sub

From: David Engster
Subject: bug#14021: Activation of both Semantic and EDE disables their common submenu in main emacs menu, leaving it available only in visible menu bar
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:45:20 +0100
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David Engster writes:
> Since it took me quite some time to understand this, here's a recipe:
> * emacs -Q
> * M-x menu-bar-mode, so that menu-bar is disabled
> * M-x semantic-mode
> * M-x global-ede-mode
> * Now do C-Mouse 3 to open the "global menu" popup (which I didn't know
>   existed until yesterday...)
> Look at the "Development" menu at the bottom. It might be disabled. If
> not, try the recipe again - it seems to be a race condition.

I was wrong here; there's no race condition, but it depends on the order
of mode activation. If you *first* enable global-ede-mode and then
semantic-mode, the Development menu will be disabled. So to be clear:
the above recipe is false; you have to do 'M-x global-ede-mode' first,
and then do 'M-x semantic-mode'.

> It seems however that the "Global Menu" popup displays *either* the
> item from Semantic *or* the one from EDE, but only the latter is
> enabled.

It actually seems that the menu entry that is displayed is the one which
was activated last.

As Nikita already wrote in his initial report, the text-mode menubar
(M-x tmm-menu) has the same problem, though I don't if it uses the same
code as the "Global Menu" popup.


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