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bug#14233: 24.3; Don't constrain frame size to character multiples

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#14233: 24.3; Don't constrain frame size to character multiples
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 18:11:12 +0200


22 apr 2013 kl. 17:36 skrev martin rudalics <address@hidden>:

> >> The interface to the window subsystem will be the function
> >>
> >> change_frame_size (struct frame *f, int new_width, int new_height,
> >>           bool pretend, bool delay, bool safe, bool pixelwise)
> >>
> >> which processes new_width and new_height in terms of pixels if pixelwise
> >> is non-nil.
> I meant 1 here.
> > This is insane. it means changing lots and lots of calls, and makes merging 
> > between branches harder.
> Currently, change_frame_size doesn't know anything about the various
> platforms' requirements going beyond those of the frame's text area.

I don't understand what you are trying to say. 

> > Make a new function (change_frame_size_pixelwise for example), with the 
> > arguments above, and let change_frame_size call it with the last argument 
> > false.
> And how would change_frame_size know what the new pixel dimensions of
> the frame's text area are?

As Emacs has always done, multiply by canonical character pixel size. 

The point is that for X and NS there are probably just a few places where pixel 
size is needed.  Better to have a new name anyway so that we see it is a 
different function. This helps in backports, for example. 

    Jan D. 

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