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bug#14326: 24.3; Conflict of w32-send-sys-command and set-default-font

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#14326: 24.3; Conflict of w32-send-sys-command and set-default-font
Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 07:59:54 -0700

> In any case I'd consider it a bug that
> `set-default-font' is allowed to resize a maximized frame.

Excuse my butting in here, esp. with little knowledge of this stuff.

Is a `maximized' frame parameter value (or whatever it is) something that
overrides other frame paramters regarding size?  Is the intention that one
cannot change the size, once a frame has been maximized (without first
unmaximizing it)?

IOW, is one supposed to first (somehow) UNmaximize the frame, before one can
change its size?  What does this mean in terms of frame parameters, from a user
point of view.

>  >> We do our own toolbar wrapping.  But the menubar is 
>  >> wrapped by Windows.
>  > And that is a problem because...?
> ... two.  Two problems.  Glad you asked.

Wrt what you mention here, are the following pertinent?



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