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bug#18006: Simplify via set_binary_mode

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#18006: Simplify via set_binary_mode
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 22:28:56 -0700
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

   . in some places, we want all file I/O to be in binary mode; Gnulib
     doesn't support that

The Emacs code can continue to use _fmode as before; that part won't be simplified, but one step at a time.

   . some of the code needs to switch a file descriptor to binary or
     text mode only when the descriptor is or isn't connected to a
     terminal device; Gnulib is ambivalent about that (it always does
     that for MSDOS, and never for Windows)

binary-io has two interfaces; one (set_binary_mode) always does it, on all platforms; the other (SET_BINARY) deliberately has no effect on __DJGPP__ when isatty returns nonzero. Emacs can use either interface, as it needs. Should SET_BINARY also should have no effect on MS-Windows when isatty returns nonzero? If so, I suppose we can change SET_BINARY to do that.

   . AFAIK, Gnulib's binary-io also replaces isatty

It doesn't, so this shouldn't be a problem. (Emacs already uses binary-io, by the way; if this were a problem I expect we'd already have run into it.)

   . we don't want in Emacs the msvc-nothrow wrappers for library

binary-io doesn't do that either.

    /* Don't put CRs in the DOC file.  */
-#ifdef MSDOS
-  _fmode = O_BINARY;
-#if 0  /* Suspicion is that this causes hanging.
-         So instead we require people to use -o on MSDOS.  */
-  (stdout)->_flag &= ~_IOTEXT;
-  _setmode (fileno (stdout), O_BINARY);
-  outfile = 0;
-#endif /* MSDOS */
-  _fmode = O_BINARY;
-  _setmode (fileno (stdout), O_BINARY);
-#endif /* WINDOWSNT */
+  set_binary_mode (fileno (stdout), O_BINARY);

This is wrong: setting _fmode affects all I/O, input and output, not
just stdout.  Gnulib's binary-io doesn't have the equivalent

If setting _fmode affects all I/O, why does the WINDOWSNT code bother to call _setmode? Conversely, why does make-docfile.c need to set _fmode, if the intent is "Don't put CRs in the DOC file"; shouldn't it suffice to call _setmode on stdout?

This logic is flawed: if emacs_get_tty failed, then emacs_set_tty
should not be called as well.

I was just copying the existing logic. But it's easy to fix while we're at it; revised patch attached.

This will not work with Windows isatty, because it doesn't return 1
when fd is connected to a console.

Thanks, I also tried to address that in the attached patch.

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